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Pure Cow Ghee Diya Cotton Wick for Puja (50 Diyas)

    • This packet contains a set of Cow Ghee Diyas (50 Diyas)
    • Simply place the wick on your diya near your place of worship and light the diya with a match stick
    • The approximate burning time for each wick lasts anywhere between 25 and 30 minutes, though it can go shorter or longer based on conditions
    • These Cow Ghee Diyas (50 Diyas) offer you the chance for a quick and simple preparation for daily prayers and puja

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Cow Ghee Diya (50 Diyas)

Buy ghee 50 diya online from SmileBazar. Now, you can enjoy easy preparation for puja with these Cow Ghee Diya (50 Diyas). These ghee diyas burn for around 25 to 30 minutes each. Therefore, you can be sure that they won’t be left unattended for long when you leave home after your morning prayer. With material made of cotton flower batti and cow ghee, these diyas are perfect for your daily prayers at home or at work. Buy ghee 50 diya online today for yourself and your loved ones.

Product Ingredient

Here are the main ingredients in the Cow Ghee Diya (50 Diyas) pack:

  • Cotton Wick (Pack of 50)
  • Cow ghee

Method of Use

Using these Cow Ghee Diya (50 Diyas) is very simple. When you open the package, you will have Cotton Wick (pack of 50). All you need to do is remove one batti from the main package and place this ghee batti in your own diya. Once the batti is firmly in place, simply take a match stick and light the batti. The lit ghee diya will now go on to burn for a period of around 25 to 30 minutes and therefore, even if you have to go out after your prayers, it won’t be left unattended for too long on its own. This reduces any risk of a fire hazard. Overall, this set of Cow Ghee Diya (50 Diyas) provides you an easy and simple way to keep a diya burning for your daily prayers.

Buy ghee 50 diya online today at affordable prices from SmileBazar.

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